Total Control: Monsanto

by Leanne M Sansonetti

What is a GMO (aka GEO)?

GMO means Genetically Modified Organism, and GEO means Genetically Engineered Organism.  For the most part, the two terms are largely interchangeable, referring to the alteration of the genetic makeup of a living thing (organism); Wikipedia has a great article.  This post deals with a well-known company called Monsanto and their role in the GMO/GEO field.

Brief History of Monsanto

  • Founded in St. Louis , Missouri in 1901 as a chemical company.
  • Currently publicly-traded American Multinational Agro-Chemical and Agricultural Biotechnology Corporation.
  • Notorious for being the leading producer of Genetically Modified
    Organisms and Genetically Engineered seeds, as well as Roundup weed-killer whose main ingredient is a known carcinogen.
  • Formerly known for manufacturing Agent Orange and recombinant
    bovine somatotropin

Link to Agent Orange

Agent Orange, Also known as Herbicide Orange (HO), it was originally developed as an efficient weed-killer.  Agent Orange was manufactured for the U.S Department of Defense by Monsanto and Dow Chemical.  The British were the first to use it, along with other defoliants to destroy the crops, trees and bushes of Communist-Insurgents in Malaysia in the 1940s and 1950s.  In mid-1961, South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem asked the United States to conduct aerial herbicide spraying of his country, which was authorized by President John F. Kennedy under the name Operation Ranch Hand and ran for nearly 10 years until 1971.  To this day, there are thousands of victims still suffering from the effects of exposure, many of which are US Military Veterans.  Below are some of the diseases associated with exposure.

  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Hair Cell Leukemia
  • Hodgkin Disease
  • Chloracne
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Amyloidosis
  • Cancer of the Liver, Lungs, Prostate, etc.

Monsanto is now involved heavily in the Agricultural Industry, but they are staying true to their chemical roots.  Their strategy is two-fold: create special ‘Roundup ready’ plants that are resistant to their weed-killer, and on the other side continue to sell Roundup for use by the general population on existing crops.  Through various lobbying-efforts, they have been successful in persuading the FDA to consider their modified plants as safe for human consumption.

Monsanto & Honey Bees

In November of 2014, over 37 million Honey Bees were found dead in Ontario, Canada.  The culprit is believed to have been GMO corn from Monsanto which was planted recently prior.  Researchers have found a link between Neonicotinoids, the class of pesticides used in GE corn crops, and as a result, most countries of the European Union have outright banned them due to their ill-effects on nature.

Naturally, one would wonder what is gained by killing off the Honey Bee.  Monsanto has been working on a patented-process of the elimination of the Honey Bee, and now studies are showing an increase in levels of Imidacloprid and Clothianidin both of which seep into pollen and nectar, ultimately ingested by insects such as the Honey Bee.  But keeping in line with their business strategy, Monsanto is ready at the helm: they’ve created a new Flying Ant as a profitable replacement.  The EPA has given Monsanto a $3 million dollar grant to help try and save the Honey Bee from extinction.

Monsanto is becoming more successful every day in patenting nature.  They have patented almost all commonly-used seeds, and have even developed ones called ‘Terminator Seeds’ whose plants do not contain viable seeds themselves, so the farmer is forced to purchase new each season.  Adding even more insult, should a farmer somehow end up with contaminated seeds,  they have to surrender their entire crop and/or profit, even if contamination is minimal.  There was a time where this type of business practice was understood to be unethical, immoral, and possibly fitting into the definition of RICO.

Effects On The Human Body

There are a number of potential negative effects of GMO’s on our all life, including allergic-reactions, increased toxicity, decreased nutrition, antibiotic resistance, and the perhaps most concerning: the alteration of human DNA itself.

Total Control: Monsanto

Water Fluoridation?

by KBA4

You know, it just seems odd to me to find a term defined and also reasoned in the same breath.  I know it’s only wikipedia, but according to their article, Water Fluoridation is:

…the controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay.

It’s almost as if the idea is to stop follow-up questions in their tracks.  This method of defining words is used everywhere you find propaganda.  Whether it’s a product being advertised or a salesman fast-talking you into a purchase, it is very effective.  All the hard work of asking questions is done for you, and they maintain control by only answering the ones they want to.  So how about that extended warranty?

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring compound.  It is listed in the Periodic Table of Elements, above Chloride Bromide and Iodide.  These and all elements are vital to life on our planet, but as with most anything, moderation is the key to their effective use.  Fluoride is found naturally in lots of the foods we eat, and in such doses it is not toxic.  It is in the amounts added to our water, which in turn end up being used in the commercial food industry as well as even home-made meals through the tap-water supplied to our homes, however, culminate in extremely high levels in our bodies.

So there’s a few questions.  First, Why is fluoride added into our water supply anyway?  Contrary to the “definition” at wikipedia, it is not to prevent tooth-decay: there’s mounting evidence that fluoride is actually able to dissolve a tooth’s enamel.  It is added because back when the US had thriving mining and agriculture industries, companies would throw aside anything they weren’t there for, and large stockpiles of the stuff began to form.

The next question is How does fluoride end up in our water supply?  The EPA and FDA told these companies to either clean and store it, or dispose of it, as safely as possible.  Being the industrious capitalists they were, they found a way to instead sell it to water treatment plants around the country instead.

These days, industry in the US just isn’t what it used to be, largely due to its heavy regulation, and so most mining is done outside this country.  So now we turn to the progressively-scary prospect of Where the water-treatment plants turn to restock their fluoride supply.  One place is China, a very cheap place to shop, mostly due to their lack of quality-control, and in this case that means the ‘fluoride’ being added to our water is actually quite contaminated.  And we’re ingesting it.

Finally, one has to wonder just What the Cabal stands to gain from a fluoridated-population.  Fluoride has many benefits in natural dosages, but the high amounts we ingest regularly, it’s actually causing mental and physical development disorders.

Who really can tell what happens when high amounts of fluoride are mixed with the many poisons already being used to produce our ‘food’?  One effect fluoride has on behavior is it calms emotions and quiets the mind (but not in a positive way like oxytocin or meditation).  Is it any surprise that we are ‘dumbing down’?

My theory is the US FDA exists as a complicit liaison to the Food producers and the Drug industry.  The part we need to realize is government agencies don’t exist for free: they’re funded by loans to our government made by the Federal Reserve.  The Federal taxes we pay amount to so much as a ‘minimum payment due’ on our account, however, and logically, we are running out of time to pay the balance owed.

Water Fluoridation?

Unraveling The Deception

by Leanne M Sansonetti

The world we live in is not what it seems.  When you notice the lies, you start to see who is behind them.  Future generations are witnessing a very transitional time period in which a sort of veil has been lifted.

Disclosure is real and ongoing.  It’s difficult to realize that we’ve been mislead, after all, who would allow such evil?  But there’s already too much evidence to deny, and it continues to mount.

The organization we are referring to goes by many names, but more people are beginning to to simply call it the ‘Cabal’.  For decades now, we as a people have been presented with the Cabal’s version of reality, as they own and control the major trusted institutions.  Knowledge is power and once an idea is shared it cannot be unwritten.

This site will exist to provide access to educational and informational material, which itself exists to liberate.  The information shared on this site will always be checked as to be based on factual information gathered from reliable sources and or documentaries.  Constructive input and collaboration is most welcome, as together we will then be able to thoroughly research every aspect of our culture.  Under the presumption that the Cabal runs the major pillars of our society, major topics covered will be covered.

  1. Governments and Military
  2. The Educational System (public and private)
  3. The Financial System
  4. Organized Religion (aka Crime)
  5. Main-Stream Media
  6. Genetically-Modified Organisms
  7. The Medical Industry
  8. Philosophy
Unraveling The Deception

Purpose and First Real Posting

by KBA4

I had a realization a few years ago, it’s one of those deep thoughts:

All which I need is already inside, and all that I want Lies on the outside.

The purpose of this site is education.  I believe we all deserve to know the truth about what the powers that be are doing to use us for their own gain, much like in the movie The Matrix.  Do not worry, however, as I will not be drawing direct comparisons to popular culture often, if at all, in this blog.

Like all sentient life, we are born into this world with clean, open senses and abilities.  From the very first breaths we take as humans, however, we are under constant and heavy assault.  From male circumcision (unnecessary and sometimes deadly surgery) to a seemingly unending course of vaccinations, to commercially-produced infant formulas and care products, to the foods we consciously ingest once we’re old enough to feed ourselves, all of this ultimately causing major health problems such as heart-disease, diabetes, cancer, etc., which the pharmaceutical industry conveniently has treatments (but almost never actual cures) ready for purchase to extend our last years alive.

All the while we are under psychological attack from an organized system I and others refer to as the Cabal, who are running our Media, Major Religion, and Bank and Government.  We are manipulated by this Cabal every day: we feel various emotions from the stories their Media convinces us (often without any evidence whatsoever) are true, various forms of guilt and shame from their Religion, duty to their Bank, and pride for our Government (and its military forces).

I’m not big into any religion, but part of the Cabal’s hold is only allowed if they show or tell us what they are doing.  The various Scriptures all have clues as to what this group is up to.  One fundamental item most Judaeo-Christians believe is that there are “seven deadly sins”, one of which is Pride.  Some would argue that these ‘sins’ are merely aspects of the darker side of the human psyche, and in any case, the Cabal uses this and other ‘sins’ as a weapon.  Pride is what often drives a wedge between a loving relationship when it comes to topics such as finances (the Bank).  This, along with others of the ‘deadly list’ is also the major reason for our failure to see past the picture the Cabal paints to the reality it has forged behind the canvas.

This site will be updated as often as possible, and I will be posting links to various online resources in the coming days.  Thanks for reading, and may your day be full of positive energy.

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Purpose and First Real Posting

Coming Soon

There’s a lot of great people and things happening in this world, but there’s also some really bad stuff, and even worse people making those things happen too.  It’s a struggle, for sure and I’ve decided to start writing about it.  I will welcome discussion on these posts and it is my hope that this will all prove therapeutic for everyone.

Coming Soon