Water Fluoridation?

by KBA4

You know, it just seems odd to me to find a term defined and also reasoned in the same breath.  I know it’s only wikipedia, but according to their article, Water Fluoridation is:

…the controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay.

It’s almost as if the idea is to stop follow-up questions in their tracks.  This method of defining words is used everywhere you find propaganda.  Whether it’s a product being advertised or a salesman fast-talking you into a purchase, it is very effective.  All the hard work of asking questions is done for you, and they maintain control by only answering the ones they want to.  So how about that extended warranty?

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring compound.  It is listed in the Periodic Table of Elements, above Chloride Bromide and Iodide.  These and all elements are vital to life on our planet, but as with most anything, moderation is the key to their effective use.  Fluoride is found naturally in lots of the foods we eat, and in such doses it is not toxic.  It is in the amounts added to our water, which in turn end up being used in the commercial food industry as well as even home-made meals through the tap-water supplied to our homes, however, culminate in extremely high levels in our bodies.

So there’s a few questions.  First, Why is fluoride added into our water supply anyway?  Contrary to the “definition” at wikipedia, it is not to prevent tooth-decay: there’s mounting evidence that fluoride is actually able to dissolve a tooth’s enamel.  It is added because back when the US had thriving mining and agriculture industries, companies would throw aside anything they weren’t there for, and large stockpiles of the stuff began to form.

The next question is How does fluoride end up in our water supply?  The EPA and FDA told these companies to either clean and store it, or dispose of it, as safely as possible.  Being the industrious capitalists they were, they found a way to instead sell it to water treatment plants around the country instead.

These days, industry in the US just isn’t what it used to be, largely due to its heavy regulation, and so most mining is done outside this country.  So now we turn to the progressively-scary prospect of Where the water-treatment plants turn to restock their fluoride supply.  One place is China, a very cheap place to shop, mostly due to their lack of quality-control, and in this case that means the ‘fluoride’ being added to our water is actually quite contaminated.  And we’re ingesting it.

Finally, one has to wonder just What the Cabal stands to gain from a fluoridated-population.  Fluoride has many benefits in natural dosages, but the high amounts we ingest regularly, it’s actually causing mental and physical development disorders.

Who really can tell what happens when high amounts of fluoride are mixed with the many poisons already being used to produce our ‘food’?  One effect fluoride has on behavior is it calms emotions and quiets the mind (but not in a positive way like oxytocin or meditation).  Is it any surprise that we are ‘dumbing down’?

My theory is the US FDA exists as a complicit liaison to the Food producers and the Drug industry.  The part we need to realize is government agencies don’t exist for free: they’re funded by loans to our government made by the Federal Reserve.  The Federal taxes we pay amount to so much as a ‘minimum payment due’ on our account, however, and logically, we are running out of time to pay the balance owed.

Water Fluoridation?

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