Unraveling The Deception

by Leanne M Sansonetti

The world we live in is not what it seems.  When you notice the lies, you start to see who is behind them.  Future generations are witnessing a very transitional time period in which a sort of veil has been lifted.

Disclosure is real and ongoing.  It’s difficult to realize that we’ve been mislead, after all, who would allow such evil?  But there’s already too much evidence to deny, and it continues to mount.

The organization we are referring to goes by many names, but more people are beginning to to simply call it the ‘Cabal’.  For decades now, we as a people have been presented with the Cabal’s version of reality, as they own and control the major trusted institutions.  Knowledge is power and once an idea is shared it cannot be unwritten.

This site will exist to provide access to educational and informational material, which itself exists to liberate.  The information shared on this site will always be checked as to be based on factual information gathered from reliable sources and or documentaries.  Constructive input and collaboration is most welcome, as together we will then be able to thoroughly research every aspect of our culture.  Under the presumption that the Cabal runs the major pillars of our society, major topics covered will be covered.

  1. Governments and Military
  2. The Educational System (public and private)
  3. The Financial System
  4. Organized Religion (aka Crime)
  5. Main-Stream Media
  6. Genetically-Modified Organisms
  7. The Medical Industry
  8. Philosophy
Unraveling The Deception

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