Purpose and First Real Posting

by KBA4

I had a realization a few years ago, it’s one of those deep thoughts:

All which I need is already inside, and all that I want Lies on the outside.

The purpose of this site is education.  I believe we all deserve to know the truth about what the powers that be are doing to use us for their own gain, much like in the movie The Matrix.  Do not worry, however, as I will not be drawing direct comparisons to popular culture often, if at all, in this blog.

Like all sentient life, we are born into this world with clean, open senses and abilities.  From the very first breaths we take as humans, however, we are under constant and heavy assault.  From male circumcision (unnecessary and sometimes deadly surgery) to a seemingly unending course of vaccinations, to commercially-produced infant formulas and care products, to the foods we consciously ingest once we’re old enough to feed ourselves, all of this ultimately causing major health problems such as heart-disease, diabetes, cancer, etc., which the pharmaceutical industry conveniently has treatments (but almost never actual cures) ready for purchase to extend our last years alive.

All the while we are under psychological attack from an organized system I and others refer to as the Cabal, who are running our Media, Major Religion, and Bank and Government.  We are manipulated by this Cabal every day: we feel various emotions from the stories their Media convinces us (often without any evidence whatsoever) are true, various forms of guilt and shame from their Religion, duty to their Bank, and pride for our Government (and its military forces).

I’m not big into any religion, but part of the Cabal’s hold is only allowed if they show or tell us what they are doing.  The various Scriptures all have clues as to what this group is up to.  One fundamental item most Judaeo-Christians believe is that there are “seven deadly sins”, one of which is Pride.  Some would argue that these ‘sins’ are merely aspects of the darker side of the human psyche, and in any case, the Cabal uses this and other ‘sins’ as a weapon.  Pride is what often drives a wedge between a loving relationship when it comes to topics such as finances (the Bank).  This, along with others of the ‘deadly list’ is also the major reason for our failure to see past the picture the Cabal paints to the reality it has forged behind the canvas.

This site will be updated as often as possible, and I will be posting links to various online resources in the coming days.  Thanks for reading, and may your day be full of positive energy.

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Purpose and First Real Posting

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